Natize Coco Chanel

coco 4DOB: 18.07.2014

Father: GIC Kasper Nala Antala

Mother: Natize Valentina


Natize Coco Chanel our first pet, our star, lady. It wise and beloved. Came to us from Izhevsk. Our Burma  has a sable color, very beautiful silky coat, well-proportioned body, correct shape of head. She became head of her pride. It helps teaching the cat tricks younger generation, not only of their own, and not just kittens. She made friends with our dog and once helped her puppy after surgery. At the exhibitions of the Kosha ,we called home  Coco Chanel, behaved impeccably. For what is loved and rewarded by many experts.

Kosh caring and strict mother.

Show career:

January 7-8-9, 2015, Tumen, Russia


Expert Mineev Artem: Nom Best Special rare breeds Show BEST KITTEN!!!

Expert Bodunov Igor: Nom Best Junior WCF ring 3rd place

Expert M-L. Guezennec: Nom Best Junior WCF ring 6 place

March 7-8, 2015 Tumen, Russia

Expert Deulenko Tatiana: CAC, nom best, best Junior (Best Junior of the show!)

Expert Itygina Olga: CAC, nom best, WCF-ring juniors 4th place

April 18-19, 2015, Tumen, Russia

Expert: Tomako Vlach: Nom Bis

Expert Kurt Vlach: Nom Bis, WCF Ring Junior - 5th place

May 30-31, 2015 Kurgan

Expert Belyaeva Olga: CAC Nom Best WCF-ring Adult-3 place (Individual outlet from Olga Belyaeva the most beautiful cat of the show!)

Expert Mazurova, Galina: CAC, Nom Best, BEST Opposite Sex (Best cat of the show)

June 13-14,2015 Ishim, Russia

Close Champion

Expert Irina Chernyaeva:CAC, Nom, Best, WCF ring Adult-4 place

Expert Deulenko Tatiana: CACIB, Nom, Best, WCF-ring Adult 5th place

June 20-21, 2015  Moscow, Russia

Close Inter Champion

Expert Natalia Belova: CACIB

Expert Marina Zhuravleva: CACIB

Expert Natalia Lebedeva: CAGCIB

June 27-28,2015 Ekaterinburg, Russia  

Close Grand Inter Champion

The prize is one of the three most beautiful cats of the exhibition from the expert from Italy.

Expert Igor Bodunov: CAGCIB, Nom, Best, WCF ring Adult 3rd place

The expert Irina Gorinova: CAGCIB, Nom, Best, WCF ring Adult 2 place

Photo of Buemese cats