Natize Coco Chanel

coco 4DOB: 18.07.2014

Father: GIC Kasper Nala Antala

Mother: Natize Valentina


Natize Coco Chanel our first pet, our star, lady. It wise and beloved. Came to us from Izhevsk. Our Burma  has a sable color, very beautiful silky coat, well-proportioned body, correct shape of head. She became head of her pride. It helps teaching the cat tricks younger generation, not only of their own, and not just kittens. She made friends with our dog and once helped her puppy after surgery. At the exhibitions of the Kosha ,we called home  Coco Chanel, behaved impeccably. For what is loved and rewarded by many experts.

Kosh caring and strict mother.

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Ch. Energymax Assol

assol 2DOB: 14.06.2015

Father: Cr.Evr.Ch.LV*Hot Chocolate Penochet

Mother: Ch.Dea Gatta Vanilla


Our loving and most affectionate cat Assol. At home we call her Fasol because my daughter could not pronounce correctly the name of Assol, and she was "Fasol". Very beautiful girl with  great ears, and memorable golden eyes.

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akina 1DOB: 05.12.2015

Father: Zaffiro Dastan

Mother: Natize Coco Canel 


Akina is the daughter Zaffiro Dastan and Natize Coco Cane was bornin  05.12.2015.Has closed a title of Champion . The girl is beautiful  “warm” chocolate color. Very curious, resourceful. There is no such things as doors. She knows how to open them. Graceful, capricious, loves  "talk", answers the questions and on tone you can recognize the answer. Ringleader in games. The favorite of my daughter.

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Photo of Buemese cats